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Swarna Rice

Greenstarline Udyog Pvt. Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing company that supplies both, raw and boiled Swarna rice worldwide. Based on the research carried out by a rice research organisation, this kind of rice is the healthiest one and has less risk of diabetes. The low GI in this rice lowers down the chances of developing type 2 diabetes risk. Low GI in the rice means that this rice will take time to absorb and results in a sustained release of sugar in blood. Diabetics now can better manage their condition by opting for this kind of rice, instead of any other.

Skilled team is at work to clean and process this kind of rice in our rice mill situated in West Bengal, India. This is short grain rice variety whose grain size is between 5.00-5.2 mm. This rice is packed carefully in HDPE packs, locking all aroma and nutrition. This kind of rice has no moisture and is 99.9% impurity-free.